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Sara Melcher is a holistic wellness nurse, life coach and speaker.  Sara empowers the audience to shift out of a negative mindset as well as learn tools and strategies that will help them have a better, more organized and positive employee experience. Sara is full of passion for helping others transform mentally and physically, empowering them to overcome their past, transform and evolve into the highest version of themselves through self awareness, self-reflection and aligned action.


The Aligned Organization

As a nurse of 8 years, I have experienced first hand what it is like to feel overworked, under appreciated, overwhelmed, unstable stress levels and anxiety in the healthcare environment. 

As a nurse, we have been conditioned that the culture is to run through a 12 hour shift barely using the bathroom, barely drinking water, but be sure to answer every call bell, make sure all ⅘ patients are safe, get their meds, get changed. 

Unfortunately, when we are understaffed, the demands do not change. The workload increases, the stress increases and we go through an entire shift on edge. 

High stress levels are proven to increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, hypertension, depression, anxiety….

There is nothing taught about mindfulness, consciousness, building  self confidence, having balance, working as a team in order to create a healthier work environment….

That is where Empowered Women Connect comes in to play. Our curriculum and coaching includes personal development, mindfulness and wellness. This program can help employees to shift their mindset from negative to hopeful as well as  learn tools and strategies that will help them have a better, more organized and positive employee experience. 

Our strategies can increase employee retention, decrease absenteeism and develop conscious leadership.


Women understanding eachother allows for less hate and more empowerment.

Women are coming together. We are craving growth, healing, and building our dreams. Leading a network marketing team, it was vital to teach women to stay confident in themselves and their own story. Women want to love themselves more, I want to show them how by creating a safe community for communication, awareness of imposter syndrome and confidence building activities . Once we have more understanding and self- love, we can empower each other, give each other permission to shine. As we love and support each other more, we can create more together.

Shift your mindset from lack to abundance to get fitter.

Lily was able to drop 40 pounds after Sara helped her identify it was her lack mindset holding her back. Sara shifted her mindset from scarcity to abundance by overcoming limiting beliefs. She leads clients in rewriting their stories so that they believe in themselves, therefore work towards their physical goals with conviction. Women can build a strong mindset through journaling, affirmations and self reflection. With a better mindset, they can make better food choices and get excited about movement. Fitness then becomes a healthy outlet and lifestyle and no longer a chore. The audience is guided through affirmation fill in the blanks and worksheets.



"I have had the opportunity to hear her speak and motivate people through fitness and nutrition and her life experiences are just so relatable, she truly captivates her audience. I love how Sara uses her own story to connect with people, reminding them that we have all experienced ups and downs to life and if we are willing to learn how to loves ourselves more— we can preserve through the most challenging of times. Sara’s story makes it clear that the most painful points in our lives can truly be the fuel that leads us to our passion and purpose. I’m so grateful for Sara’s strength to stand up and share her message— it has the power to awaken people who have yet to uncover their own personal power."

Melissa Impett
Vibrational Life Coach

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